The Horizontals of Winter

snow branches 2Spruces frosted, roofs white, the horizontals stage themselves as they never can in spring and summer. Striated banks that rise from the river exhibit the perspective forced upon them by the ages, layer upon layer of sediment lifted and thrust into position by the churnings of the earth. Gentle angles of leafless trees hold the pure white snow, their crooked limbs featured as objects of art, while suckers so exuberant in their verticality when the summer sun was high are now mere background patterns, rendered in muted ochres and dull grays.

DSCF2845Downed giants, brawny and vibrant and in their prime, lay crisscrossed on the white ground, reminding us that even the strongest who walks among us with busy head filled with fragments of today’s schedules and strands of tomorrow’s hopes, bearing the detritus of living and the clues to secrets in a briefcase slung casually over the shoulder, will someday fall, the essence of that precious life softened over months and years as it lays buried by the detritus of the millions of other lives that accumulate in quiet layers of time, dulling the energy that once sparkled like iced twigs on a crisp morning, and filled the world with brilliance and warmth.


2 thoughts on “The Horizontals of Winter

  1. Wonderful, Pam! Your descriptions of the landscape in Winter are like an extended Japanese poem! This is a reminder for everyone that even this cold, dreary season has its charms. Also, that Spring is not far behind. BTW, I hope you will be able to get lots of Leonotis Leonorus for your sale this year. More soon.

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